How to Make and Upload a Snow Day Video

Creating a custom snowglobe of something you love takes a bit of effort. The 3D process involves sending us video of the object you want to engloben. We can do small objects or big; it’s covering all angles with video that’s important. Then you send it to us using our upload link, below. *Please* make sure to tell us you’ve uploaded it and what the filename is.

Note: if you don’t feel like you can get a good video, you can always contact us and we’ll get you a professional drone operator to come out and video your house for you.


To create a 3D scan we’ll need video of the outside of the house; The video should be approximately 10-20 minutes in length.

  1. Tidy up a bit? You might want to move your cars, close the garage doors, think about anything you *don’t* want to display in your snowglobe (we’re looking at you, Halloween jack o’ lanterns!).
  2. Film at a time of day when shadows are smallest.  Consider the lighting on your house as you film it. Cloudy days are best. If the sun won’t hide, then noontime is the right time –  if your video is taken near sunset, one side of your house will be dark and one side will be very bright.  Even lighting is what we want.
  3. Film your house by walking around it four complete times.  The first two passes, walk clockwise.  The second two passes walk counter-clockwise.  If you’re using a drone to film, remember that the sides of the building are more important that the roof: strafe the sides at different elevations. (see drone instructions.)
  4. Film in landscape mode, holding your phone sideways, so that the video is wider than it is tall.  Make sure your phone is filming at its highest possible resolution.
  5. Film in ONE continuous take. Do not start and stop the camera for different parts of the house; film the transition between these parts, too.
  6. Stay in constant motion while filming. Do not stand still – it’s the movement that makes the scan work. Standing still and turning (like a lighthouse) doesn’t count. Keep walking.
  7. Film at a distance from the house so that the entire house is visible on screen, if possible. For most houses that’s a distance of at least 40 feet. If you cannot get at least 10 feet from your house on the ground, consider getting drone footage from the air.
  8. When going around a corner (for example: when transitioning from the front to the side) try to capture as much of the two sides on the screen at the same time. Some people are tempted to just film the sides; instead try to get good coverage of the corner.

Example video: 

All done? Upload! Then please email to let us know it’s been uploaded and the filename you sent us. Otherwise we may not know whose video belongs to whom!

P.S. Uploading may take a bit, especially if your internet connection is a tad slow. Please be patient. If you can’t get it to work, consider using your own Google Drive or iPhone Photo Sharing with us at