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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Snow Day snowglobe?

We’re so glad you asked! Right now we’re excited to say we’re getting a lot of unexpected interest while we’re still so new and working the kinks out of our process. Bring it on though! We’re thrilled to make your snow globe. Here’s where to place an order and start talking to us about design ideas:

“Ah Amazing!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!”

What if it’s too late to get one completed by the holidays?

Buy a gift certificate! That’s definitely our recommendation for holiday gifts close to the holidays. Also, with a gift certificate,  you won’t be under the gun to get the video to us by any set date and you can make the globification a fun family project!

What’s the process?

First off, the most fun part: you need to decide what you want in your globe. It could be your house, your guitar, your pup, whatever you love.

If you follow this link to our Etsy shop you can order from there. We’ll contact you with directions about how to film the object you want to globify – it basically involves making sure your object is captured entirely by the video. You can also check out this post. Then there will be a link for you to send us the video you took, and we take it from there.

We scan and tweak and render your video and create a 3D object, then throw a bit of snow on top, and send it off to the 3D printer. It’ll take about 3 weeks until we get the print back, then we’ll put it into a globe and get it over to you.

What if I want a bunch of snow globes?

If you want 25 of the same globe, they take the same time as if you ordered only one. Be sure to look for the “extra prints” listing in our Etsy shop. For example, if you’re order 25 of the standard sized globe, you would order one from the Custom Snow Globe listing, then 24 from the Extra Print listing. 

What if I’m with a company that wants to order snow globes for our people?

Totally cool. Just get in touch with us. We’ve done many corporate orders and we would love to work with you! Email us!

“The globe is perfect!” 

What if I don’t want quite so much snow on and around my house?

We get that; but sometimes it’s just a must-do. Check out this link for more info explaining why.

I’m trying to upload video to you and it’s not working.

Glarp! Uploading can be annoying in 2020. Follow this link if you’ve got an iPhone and you’d like to try some alternate methods.

Hey! There’s a bubble at the top of my globe!

That’s actually pretty normal. If it’s larger than a quarter and it’s totally bugging you, contact us and we’ll fix it.

How do I get in touch with you?

Email is the best way. Contact us at contact@itsasnowday.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP!