Less Snow!

Is there any way you can remove some of the snow? I want to be able to see my house better.

Not really, no. Sorry.

The current state of the art 3D scanning and printing still has a large number of flaws. At Snow Day, we get around this problem by hiding the flaws under snow. It’s a bit of a trick – but it lets us make snow globes with today’s technology.

If we get rid of that snow, you start to see those flaws. And honestly, you don’t want to see those flaws.

What about that giant mound of snow my house is sitting on? Can you remove it and make my house bigger?

Again, sorry, but no.

The purpose of that mound is to put your house in the center of the globe. If we simply remove the mound, your house sits on the bottom of the globe and doesn’t get any bigger.

But can’t you just stretch my house to fill the globe?


The problem is the hole in the bottom of the globe. Your house needs to fit through that hole, so there’s only so much horizontal room for stretching.

If, however, we stretch your house vertically, we can make it much bigger. The problem here is that you get a funny stretched-out version of your house.

Some people like the funny house. It’s whimsical. Other people don’t like the stretching. If you’d prefer this option, let us know. We just want to find a solution that makes you happy.