Figural Snowglobe Design Process

So if you’re imagining a snowglobe with figures of people you know inside, that’s going to be adorable. Here’s how we work with you to make these special globes:

  1. After you place your order, we’ll discuss what sort of pose / clothing you want to include, then you can post several full-length photos of the people you want included, adding any details you don’t want us to miss.
  2. Some close-ups of faces are needed as well, with neutral non-smiling expressions, no glasses/hats. Make sure the light is evenly cast on the face. The close-ups should be almost like drivers license photos.
  3. We use generic 3d models and alter them to look like the people in your photos. They won’t be absolutely spot-on, detail-wise, but we are pretty good at it. 🙂 Two people are included with the globe: extra figures are $95 each.
  4. We’ll send you a still render of our work, then post a link to a video turntable, so you can see all sides. If you have changes, you can request them after you see the video; more rounds of changes after this may incur a design fee of $95/hr.
  5. Once you approve, we send to the 3d printer, who will take a couple of weeks to send us back the 3d model.
  6. We assemble the globe, let the glue dry, and ship to you!
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