Corporate Snowglobian Giftology

Corporate Snowglobian Giftology

1. INQUIRE. Send us your hopes and dreams for this year’s corporate gifts via our inquiry form or email. You can include details or just a request for more info. Once we start talking, we usually need to know how many, when, what size, and most importantly, what you want inside!

2. COMMUNICATE. We’ll promptly send you the info you’ll need to decide if we’re a good fit. We can schedule a call if you prefer. We are all about the communication over here.

You decide we’re a match, so you declare your love, and we send out an estimate. In quantities from 10-50, we offer a 10% discount. For volumes greater than 50 units, we offer a 15% discount. (There is a one time upfront cost of $200 for the design and modeling work.) Once this is approved, we get any art needed from you, info about the model, video footage, etc. We have the ability to expedite your order for an additional fee, if you want to get in front of the line.

We collaborate on design revisions until it’s perfect! We send you visualizations and a video turntable, so you can see all sides of your globe-to-be. Once you sign off on the final design, congratulations! It’s time for us to send to the 3D printer!

We receive the 3D models from the printer, create the globes, and send to you. You receive your beautiful globes and we both smile.

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