The Drone Pilot How-To

Thanks for helping out our customers (and us) with your pro drone filming expertise! Here’s a bit about what we need.

We will be using this footage to create a 3D scan of the building; we need 4K (or as high as you can make it) video taken of the complete exterior of the house – in one continuous take of the building, going around the building 4 times (twice clockwise and twice counter-clockwise) varying the altitude with every pass at low, medium, and high heights, getting full coverage. Please keep a-moving; avoid strafing.

We need about 15 minutes of footage, but no editing or conversion, just the raw footage. 

Now, sometimes there are issues.

  1. Trees in the way (so annoying.) Please just do what you can.
  2. Sometimes there’s not enough room between houses to get good coverage. In that case, please try to go above and film downwards.
  3. It’s sunny and there are shadows and lens flares. Gray days are actually best for getting even coverage.

Here’s an example of perfect droning (in our eyes.)

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